Planning For an Amazing Hunter Valley Trip

Hunter ValleyOne of the most lovely destinations that you can select for an Australian holiday is Hunter Valley. It is located in New South Wales and is a magnificent coastal destination. On so many levels, it is idyllic. Through this article you are provided some basic information to assist you in preparing for your own holiday.

In recent times, it has become a major tourist destination in Australia. Indeed, the Valley is the sixth most visited destination in all of the country. Annually more that 2.5 million people visit. One of the reason so many people find it so completely appealing rests in the fact that there are so many fabulous attractions available to a person enjoying an incomparable holiday.

Before taking a look at the attractions that are available to you, some tips for finding the best accommodation will be helpful to you. Many of the finest accommodation options are located at or near the shore. Therefore, if you are a beach and ocean lover, you will have many accommodation choices available to you for your Hunter Valley holiday travels.

In addition, there are other accommodation venues scattered throughout Hunter Valley. Therefore, if there is some sort of attraction in the area – which will be discussed in a moment – you can select an accommodation that conveniently is located to that attraction or those attractions that are most appealing to you.

One of the more unique type of accommodation that is available to a person rests in the fact that there are many guest houses in the area. One can have a remarkable stay at any one of these wonderful and simply delightful guest houses that are in business in the Valley. It is an understatement to say that you really can have a holiday of a lifetime by booking at a guest house when you are on holiday.

In regard to the attractions, there are a significant number of golf courses, vineyards, restaurants and shops in the area. These are prime features for many a person enjoying their holiday. The area is also known for its horse breeding. Finally, Lake Macquarie is a popular attraction for everyone. The Lake offers a wide range of different types of water sports and recreational opportunities for a person on an enjoyable Hunter Valley holiday. For cheap hotels go to or